Hand Painted Glass

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Imagine your dearly beloved pet hand painted on a wine glass, vase, or bowl.   I love beautiful glassware and love my pet Wire Fox Terrier “Rusty” and thought it would be fun to paint him on a set of glasses.  This started as a hobby and my friends and family liked the work so much that I started painting the glasses for them.  If you like the idea of having a set of glasses, a vase, or basically any glass object painted with your pet or favorite photo, I am now doing custom pieces for sale.  To ensure your order is exactly what you want, please send me an email to missyart@avleathers.com and include comments on what you would like painted.  I will also need a photo so please include an image of the photo you would like painted in your email.   This is custom work so prices vary depending on what you want created.